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FTZ management should take post-sanction opportunity: Rouhani

31 July 2015 16:13


President Hassan Rouhani said management of free trade zones should prepare the ground to use post-sanction opportunity to absorb domestic and foreign investment.

According to the Presidential Office website, President Rouhani made the remarks in the 119th session of Coordination Headquarters of Resistance Economy.

He underlined the necessity to continue structural reform process and fight against administrative wrongdoings in the free zones.

Rouhani stressed that the free zones should advance closer to their primary goal of development of export, instead of concentration on imports.

To this end, he added, the best necessary trade services in the fields of banking, insurance and transportation by international standards should be offered and grounds for value-added production by using advanced technologies.

In the meeting, a report on the situation of free zone areas regarding problems of trade, transit and policies concerning specialized fields in each zone and persuading investment and production were presented and considered.

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