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Sunni Lebanese Cleric: “Takfiri claims to defends Sunnis is mere lie.”

1 August 2015 11:15


Top Lebanese cleric referred to the misuse of the ISIL and Al Nusra front from the Sunni community and noted that while these groups claim to defend Sunni Muslims, what is going on in Iraq and Syria proves them to be liars.

Sheikh Ahmad al Qattan, head of the Society of Words and Actions, in an interview with Al Mayadin television, referred to the threats of the Takfiri (excommunication) groups for the region warning against the utilitarian view of the ISIL and other terrorist groups over Sunni community, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He expressed regret over the Takfiri groups’ misusing the Sunni community and said,” Unfortunately, Takfiri terrorists are calling the people to Islam while in fact they are misusing the Sunni Muslims as a cover up for their criminal objectives.”

The Sunni cleric criticized some Lebanese groups and said,” Al Mustaghbal, just like ISIL and Al Nusra front is based on prejudice and tricks since according to their view he who does not join me stands against me; therefore, they have always been accusing Hezbollah, no matter how victorious the group has been in its 2006 confrontation with the enemies.”

He demanded the Sunni leaders who claim to be supporters of Seyyed Hassan Nasr Allah, and said,” Al Mustaghbal and other Takfiri groups have forgotten their opposition with the Zionist regime and prioritized confrontation with Shia community, Iran and Hezbollah over their other missions.”

Sheikh Ahmad Al Qattan also referred to the support of the Shia for Palestine and said,” Seyyed Hassan Nasr Allah and the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic, grand Ayatollah Khamenei have always stressed the importance of Palestine and called the Zionist regime of Israel as number one enemy of the Muslims.”

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