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UK charities banned from bullying public

1 August 2015 18:18


UK charities have been warned against bullying the public into giving money.

Based on the new regulations, charities and their fund raisers would be banned from high-pressure tactics, repeatedly targeting people and making misleading claims.

The charities regulator say they could face criminal sanctions for bullying the public.

The decision comes after concerns were raised about the way some charities gather their money.

Britain’s oldest poppy seller Olive Cooke who jumped to her death in Avon Gorge after suffering long term issues with depression had told once she received up to 276 letters in a month and regular phone calls from charities asking her for donations.

After her death, the government called on the Chief Executive of the National Council for Voluntary Organizations Sir Stuart Etherington to make an investigation into the money-collecting methods of the charities in UK.

He said, If he concludes that self-regulation by charities cannot work, then government would have to consider whether the Charity Commission should regulate fund raising.

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