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Dozens injuried in clashes south of Nablus

2 August 2015 6:25


Dozens of Palestinian youths were injured on Saturday evening in violent clashes which erupted as Israeli occupation forces attacked Palestinians protesters in Duma town in southern Nablus city.

PIC reporter revealed that injuries included suffocation and wounds caused by rubber-coated metal bullets.

Omar Dawabsheh revealed that over 35 young men suffered suffocation by tear gas or being shot by rubber bullets in clashes that followed Israel’s crack down on a march organized by Duma’s inhabitants in protest against burning the infant Ali Dawabsheh on Friday.

Omar Dawabsheh pointed out that ambulances rushed to the scene and offered aid to the wounded.

“The Palestinians retreated into the town after they had been surrounded by Israeli soldiers who were firing tear gas and rubber bullets,” he added.

Ghassan Daghlas, the official of settlement file, told the PIC reporter that clashes erupted when Israeli soldiers stationed at the entrances of Duma town and stopped the march and attempted to quell it. The Palestinians replied by torching tires and throwing stones at soldiers who fired tear gas and stun grenades directly at protesters.

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