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Funeral of martyr Laith al-Khaldi north of Ramallah

2 August 2015 6:26


Hundreds of Palestinians participated on Saturday in the funeral of the martyr Laith al-Khaldi, 18, who was shot by Israeli soldiers on Friday evening.

Eyewitnesses revealed that the body of the martyr was taken out of hospital in a military funeral until Ramallah city center, then it was transferred by an ambulance to al-Jalazon refugee camp where his family lives.

A number of Palestinian Islamic and national figures along with faction leaders took part in the funeral and stressed that chasing Palestinian activists in the West Bank by the Palestinian Authority’s forces paved the way for increasing Israeli offensive practices and crimes against the Palestinian people.

Palestinian observers pointed out that the Israeli forces were deployed near al-Jalazon refugee camp whereas Palestinian youths set fire to car tires and closed the entrance of the camp in anticipation of any likely clashes.

The camp has usually witnessed several confrontations with Israeli forces and settlers of the nearby Beit El outpost east of Ramallah.

Martyr Khaldi died of his wounds resulting from being shot on Friday evening in the chest at the hands of Israeli soldiers. He was proclaimed dead at dawn Saturday.

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