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Rouhani: Iran Got Everything it Wanted from the Nuclear Deal

3 August 2015 15:57



The Iranian President Sheikh Hassan Rouhani said that Iran has got everything it wanted from the nuclear deal it signed with the P5+1 in Vienna, noting that the other parties of the agreement may not abide by their promises.

In a televised interview on Sunday night to mark the second anniversary of assuming presidential power in 2014, President Rouhani getting out of the Chapter VII of the United Nations resolutions peacefully and the abolition of the ban represent a great achievement of the country.

“We have gotten everything we wanted in this agreement and we do not claim that the other party will fully abide by its commitments,” the Iranian President said, indicating that the P5+1 is declaring that they “prevented Iran from accessing the nuclear bomb,” while the Islamic Republic has not sought so ever.

“This is a lie,” he said.

Sheikh Rouhani stated that they [the P5+1 member states] realize that Iran was not going to manufacture or obtain the nuclear weapons, underlying that the rumors recently circulated about the Iranian nukes have caused a delay in the nuclear agreement.

He moreover stressed that the resistance of the Iranian people is honorable and they didn’t seek to obtain weapons of mass destruction although Saddam Hussein used them in his war against Iran.

Praising the efforts of his administration, Sheikh Rouhani said that “the acting government has stored the weapons and developed our military capabilities, nuclear program and the 8th generation of the R-centrifuge,” adding that “the achievements by the government during the past two years couldn’t be achieved over 8 years of the last government’s era.”

He said all anti-Iran sanctions will be lifted under the Vienna deal, including those on financial, banking, insurance, transport and petrochemical sectors.

“I will later explain to the nation of the nights, days and hours that we had,” he promised.

Rouhani also hailed the prudence of Supreme Leader and said he was never doubtful against gaining success at the talks.

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