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Shooting attack leaves two people dead in Toronto

4 August 2015 22:37



At least two people have been shot dead and three more seriously wounded in a shooting attack at a party in Toronto, Canada.

Before the attack on Tuesday, a fight broke out at the Muzik nightclub on Toronto’s Exhibition Place during the early hours of the day.

Canadian security sources confirmed that the victims were a man and a woman in their 20s and 30s. Two injured men and a woman were rushed to a nearby hospital to receive treatment.

Police Superintendent Frank Bergen said the “sporadic” shooting began inside the club and spilled out into the street.

An injured person is being transported to a hospital after a shooting incident in Toronto, Canada, on August 04, 2015. (CBC photo)


Meanwhile, Peter Sloly, the deputy chief of the Toronto Police Service, said an investigation has been launched.

“It’s a large venue with a lot of outdoor space,” said Sloly, adding, “Right now our focus is on the immediate investigation, the tragic loss of life and trying to calm the community down and get some sense of order in the neighborhood again.”

A CBC photo shows the aftermath of a shooting in Toronto, Canada, on August 04, 2015.


Police sources also said law enforcement agencies are investigating reports of other shootings in the downtown area that may be related to the Muzik shooting.

Many nearby streets outside the club are closed to vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

It was not immediately clear if police have arrested any suspects in connection with the Toronto shooting.

Last year, a man was shot and injured near the same nightclub.

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