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Former Iranian Intelligence Minister Warns French of US Plots

5 August 2015 22:30



Former Iranian Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi warned that Washington is exercising a plot to shift Iranians hatred for the US to France.

“The US wants to push the Iranian people’s hatred for the US towards France through a well-calculated and precise plan,” Moslehi said on Wednesday.

Iranians are showing growing discontent with the French state and private sectors’ return to the Iranian market after the recent nuclear deal in Vienna.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius sounded extremely harsh, especially in the last week of the talks in the Austrian capital, when his antagonistic moves eventually incited the Iranian president to caution Paris about the repercussions of its stance. Fabius, who is worried about Iran’s posture towards French companies in post sanction-era, has directly stated that Iran should not force the French firms to pay the price for France’s hard line during the negotiations.

Iran is now scrutinizing offers by foreign trade firms and states to select the best economic partners from among a pool of proposals, Iranian Government Spokesman Mohammad Baqer Nobakht said late July, stressing that Tehran does not want expand ties on the basis of imports.

Following the recent endorsement of the nuclear agreement with Tehran (July 14), the French foreign minister visited Iran last month to resume his country’s mutual trade with Iran.

Fabius visit stirred controversy in Iran. On the threshold of his trip, Iranian social and health activists launched the “Fabius Apology Needed” campaign in defense of the victims of France’s ‘infected blood’ scandal in Iran.

However, Fabius didn’t receive a warm welcome here, with some, including the campaign members, referring to him as the man who spread AIDS in Iran.

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