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Islamic Human Rights Day in Iran

5 August 2015 13:50


A ceremony has been held in the Iranian capital, Tehran, to mark the Islamic Human Rights and Human Dignity Day.

Iranian Parliament (Majlis) Speaker Ali Larijani opened the ceremony with a speech on Wednesday. The event is attended by Iranian officials as well as the ambassadors of Islamic countries to Tehran.

Larijani took a swipe at the US for supporting the Israeli regime, which he said was created on a basis of opposing human rights.

“The murderous and evil regime of Israel is based on opposing human rights, but the US supports this regime by sending weapons [to it] and it says out loud that ‘their security is our security,’” Larijani said.

He said that the crimes committed by the Israeli regime, including the very recent killing of a Palestinian baby, are indicative of the fact that the Tel Aviv regime is against human rights.

“How can Americans say that they want to take global management into their hands but… say that ‘we support this regime?’” the senior Iranian official said.

A Palestinian toddler was burnt to death in an arson attack by Israeli settlers against his house in the village of Duma in the occupied West Bank on Friday.

The parents of the baby and his four-year-old brother were also injured in the attack.

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