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Rouhani: All Happy about Nuclear Deal, except Zionist Regime

6 August 2015 16:51



President Hassan Rouhani said here on Thursday that the entire region and all are happy about the Vienna deal except the Zionists and warmongers in the US, Al-Alam News Network reports.

Addressing a gathering in southwest of Tehran, President Rouhani congratulated the Iranian nation on its braveness and resistance during the past years.

He further appreciated the nation for readiness to develop the country.

During the past months, the Iranian nation flaunted its great power all over the world, said the President.

Today, the Iranian nation showed its great diplomatic power worldwide, Rouhani stressed.

The Zionist regime shook three times, said the President, adding once after the 1979 Islamic Revolution, other after eight years of Holy Defense during Iraq’s imposed war on Iran in 1980-88 and then after the recent landmark nuclear deal on July 14 between Iran and the six world powers.


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