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Iranian FM: US Granted Exceptional Opportunity to Reform Past Policies

7 August 2015 8:10


Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in reaction to US President Barack Obama’s Wednesday remarks in Washington stressed that the recent nuclear agreement with Tehran has granted Washington an exceptional opportunity to change its previous mistakes.

“Tens of years of wrong policy against the Iranian nation have been tested and have yielded no achievements for the US and now there is an exceptional opportunity for the US to reform the past and test a new way which has resulted in a big achievement for all peace-seekers in (the last) two years,” Zarif said on Thursday.

Reacting to Obama’s allegations that the nuclear agreement stopped Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, he underlined, “The Islamic Republic of Iran has never been and will not be after nuclear weapons.”

The US officials repeat such claims only for domestic consumption to soothe their critics and the Zionists, Zarif said.

Iran and the world powers reached a final agreement in Vienna on July 14 to end a 13-year-old nuclear standoff.

A week later, the UNSC unanimously endorsed a draft resolution turning into international law the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) of Iran and the Group 5+1 (the US, Russia, China, Britain and France plus Germany).

After striking the agreement, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said his country has achieved all its four goals.

President Rouhani said his nation started talks with the world powers in a bid to remove all sanctions while maintaining its nuclear program and nuclear progress as two main goals.

All sanctions, including the financial, banking, energy, insurance, transportation, precious metals and even arms and proliferation sanctions will be, not suspended, but terminated according to the Tuesday agreement as soon as the deal comes into force, he said, adding that Iran will only be placed under certain limited arms deal restrictions for five years.

Meantime, Iran will inject gas into its highly advanced IR8 centrifuge machines, continue its nuclear research and development, and keep its Arak Heavy Water Facility and Fordo and Natanz enrichment plants under the agreement, he said, elaborating on Iran’s gains.

Another goal, Rouhani said, was taking Iran off Chapter Seven of the UN Charter, “and we did it”.

Yet, he said Iran will scrutinize implementation of the agreement to see if the opposite side would comply with its terms.

He stressed that certain powers have left a dark record in complying with their undertakings under previous agreements, and Iran will keep a watchful eye on powers’ compliance with the agreement.

Rouhani underlined that Iran will remain fully loyal to the terms of the agreement as long as powers comply with their undertakings.

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