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Syrian Grand Mufti: Terrorism in Arab states is non-religious

8 August 2015 11:47


Syrian Grand Mufti stressed that the current terrorism in some Arab countries has political rather than religious and Islamic nature.
Publish date : Monday 3 August 2015 14:32Code: 200437

“Terrorism in Arab states is non-religious.”
Sheikh Ahmad Badr el Din Hassoun, grand Mufti of Syria, warned against the terrorism in Syria and some Arab states under a religious cover while they have no relation with religious beliefs, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He added,” Those who struggle to persuade the people with Shia, Sunni or Christian beliefs as the inspiration for terrorism are themselves the agents behind expansion of political terrorism in the world.”

Syrian cleric referred to the correspondents between the Vatican, Organization of Islamic cooperation (OIC), Society of Muslim Scholars and Al Azhar Seminary on the terrorist attacks in Syria and said,” Although we have not received the answer except from the Vatican and some Islamic organizations, we have noticed the general criticism on the present terror attacks in the Arab states and other world countries.”

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