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General Maher Assad: We will bring the killer of the Colonel to justice, whether dead or alive

9 August 2015 18:00


The Syrian authorities have issued an arrest warrant for Suleiman Hilal Al-Assad after he allegedly killed Colonel Hassan Al-Sheikh in Latakia City on Thursday evening.

Suleiman Al-Assad is the first cousin removed of the Syrian President, Dr. Bashar Al-Assad, and a member of the National Defense Forces (NDF) – a civilian-led militia that his father, Hilal Jamil Al-Assad, once commanded before his death in 2013.

According to eyewitness reports, Suleiman confronted Colonel Hassan Al-Sheikh after they engaged in an automobile accident in downtown Latakia Saturday; this prompted Suleiman to open-fire on the Colonel’s vehicle, killing him before he fled the scene of the crime.

Upon waking up to the news of Colonel Hassan Al-Sheikh’s death, the residents of Latakia City organized a demonstration that sought to bring Suleiman to justice for his crime.

The residents of Latakia were seen waving photos of the dead Colonel Hassan Al-Sheikh and the Syrian President, who they reaffirmed support for, while also asking him to bring his cousin to justice.

On Saturday, members of the Assad family visited the children and widow of Colonel Hassan Al-Sheikh in order to offer their condolences and support in this time of grief for them.

Suleiman Al-Assad has 24 hours to turn himself into authorities or else he will be forcibly apprehended by the Syrian authorities; his cousin, General Maher Al-Assad, added that they will bring him to justice, whether dead or alive.

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