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Prominent Lebanese Cleric: Sunni clerics proud of Iran’s anti-US stances

9 August 2015 10:44


Lebanese Syrian scholar slammed Saudi Arabia for using its assets to confront Muslim nation of Yemen instead of the Zionist regime of Israel.

Sheikkh Ahmad al Qattan, head of Words and Actions Society, referred to the recent incidents in the West Bank calling the crimes committed by the Zionist regime as true oppression of the Palestinians, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He stressed to support the oppressed nation of Palestine is the duty of all scholars across the world noting,” Muslims across the world have to voice their opposition with the desecration of Islamic principles and attacking Al Aqsa Mosque.”

He quoted Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) that a Muslim ignoring the issues of his fellow brothers is out of Islam and said,” Therefore, both Shia and Sunni Muslims have to stand in one front and defend Islam with the help of their commonalities.”

Lebanese scholar called the US as the greatest threat to the world of Islam and Iran as the symbol of confrontation with this threat.

“Iran has made it to improve by resisting against the arrogant powers.” Noted the Sunni cleric and stressed,” We as the Sunni community of Lebanon, are proud of Iran for its resistance against the Zionist regime and the US.”

Sheikh Ahmad al Qattan, denounced the arson attack of extremist Jewish settlers to a Palestinian home and said,” The attack which has led to the burning of an innocent Palestinian infant proves the extent of hostility by the Zionist regime towards the Muslims.”

Head of Words and Actions Society also warned against intriguing mottoes against Muslims and stressed,” Muslims have to be cautious towards the intriguing plots of the enemies in the region and do not let the extremists divide us.”

He also touched upon the stances of Saudi Arabia towards the issue of Palestine as an Islamic Arab country and slammed its latency towards liberation of Al Quds and said,” Saudi Arabia has gone out of the border of an Islamic country with its hostility towards Yemeni nation.”

He expressed the expectations of the Islamic countries from Saudi Arabia and noted,” Muslims expected Saudi rulers to confront the Zionist regime and help the liberation of Palestinian nation while Saudi Arabia has used its assets to bring more trouble for Yemeni nation.”

Sheikh Ahmad al Qattan also referred to the common interests of the Zionists and Takfiri groups and stressed,” Takfiri groups have never clashed with the Zionist regime of Israel and this is due to their common terrorist objectives.”

“Terrorist Takfiri groups, so called claimants of Islam, have joined world arrogant powers in a battle against the Arab and world.” said the Lebanese cleric and concluded,” Alliance of the Takfiri terrorists and the cancerous tumor of Zionist regime has created a big threat for the world of Islam which will have mercy on neither Shia not Sunni rather it threats the whole humanity.

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