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Syrian Air Force Conducts Aerial Campaign Over East Homs: 30 ISIS Fighters Killed at Al-Qurayteen

9 August 2015 17:56


The Syrian Arab Air Force (SAAF) has launched an aerial campaign over the Homs Governorate’s eastern countryside on Sunday morning, targeting the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham’s (ISIS) positions around the province’s vast desert area that stretches to the southwestern border of Iraq.

ISIS captured the strategically located city of Al-Qurayteen on Wednesday after fierce clashes with the National Defense Forces (NDF); however, since the capture of this ancient Assyrian city in the Homs Governorate, the terrorist group has been unable to advance to the nearby towns due to the Syrian Air Force’s constant bombardments that have forestalled any advance for ISIS.

On Sunday morning, things did not get any better for ISIS, as the Syrian Air Force conducted over 20 airstrikes in Al-Qurayteen, killing an estimated 30 enemy combatants from the terrorist group, including two Saudi fighters that were identified by ISIS social media activists as “Abu ‘Abdullah” and “Abu Majer.”

In addition to the death of the estimated 30 enemy combatants, the Syrian Air Force destroyed 7 armored vehicles that were mounted with anti-aircraft machine guns.

The Syrian Air Force also continued their aerial assault over the Palmyra countryside, targeting an agglomeration of ISIS militants near the eastern perimeter of the Ancient Quarries.

Currently, firefights are ongoing between the Syrian Armed Forces and ISIS at the town of Al-‘Abbasiyah – a town located south of Palmyra.

Firefights have also been reported between the Syrian Armed Forces and ISIS at the western sector of Al-Qurayteen, as the former attempts to recapture this city that is currently under the control of the terrorist group.

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