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Hamas blesses Ofer stabbing operation

10 August 2015 19:23


The Hamas Movement has blessed the stabbing operation which led to the injury of one Israeli soldier on Sunday and mourned the death of the Palestinian young man who carried out the attack.

In a press release on Sunday, Hamas spokesman Husam Badran conveyed his Movement’s blessing for the operation and emphasized that the Palestinian resistance started to retake the lead in the West Bank.

“The occupation state will not enjoy security in the occupied territories from now on as long as the hordes of its settlers wreak havoc in the Palestinian towns and villages and its army persists in oppressing our people,” spokesman Badran underscored.

He added that the occurrence of the operation near the Ofer jail sent a message to the Palestinian prisoners that they are not alone in the face of their jailers.

The spokesman reiterated his Movement’s call on the Palestinian young men in all occupied lands to strongly strike the occupation, which “only understands the language of force and arms.”

A Palestinian young man was shot dead on Sunday night at a gas station near the Ofer jail checkpoint, north of occupied Jerusalem, after he stabbed an Israeli soldier.

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