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EXCLUSIVE: Terrorist Using Turkish Lira in Northern Syria

12 August 2015 16:48



Terrorist militants in northern Syria said on Tuesday they would begin trading in Turkish lira instead of the Syrian pound, as Ankara plans to create an ISIL-free zone along its border with the war-torn country.

The insurgents would begin switching to the Turkish currency in the militants-held area, a statement carried by the so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

The aim of the move is “to put financial pressure on the Syrian regime until it falls and a new currency is minted.”

The so-called “Islamic court” in Aleppo posted a video showing its employees receiving their monthly salaries in Turkish Lira.

Fighting in Syria took a turn on Monday when the al-Qaeda branch in Syria, Nusra Front said it was withdrawing from areas between Aleppo and the border with Turkey, abandoning its positions against ISIL (so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Levant), a rival Takfiri group.

Meanwhile, The Takfiri group said Turkey is trying to establish a buffer zone stretching from Aleppo to the border town of Kobani to prevent the establishment of a Kurdish state.

Turkey and the US plan to create a buffer zone along the border with Syria by expelling ISIL from the area, according to a US defense official.

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