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Daesh in Libya executes 4 rival Takfiris in Sirte

17 August 2015 13:48


The Takfiri Daesh terrorists in Libya have reportedly executed four more members of a rival Takfiri faction that had revolted against the notorious terrorist group in the central city of Sirte.

The latest executions came on Sunday as Daesh has engaged in crushing a mutiny by a competing Salafist group as well as armed residents attempting to break the terror group’s grip over the city, located 500 kilometers east of the country’s capital of Tripoli, bringing to 70 the number of those killed in the city by Daesh elements so far.

The Takfiri terrorists also destroyed the houses belonging to rival militants in Sirte, according to resident accounts as cited in wire service reports.

The development came a day after Libya’s internationally-recognized government released a statement urging fellow Arab states to wage aerial strikes against Daesh positions in Sirte, a city which neither of the two rival governments in the war-ravaged nation controls.

“The Libyan government, unable to ward off these terrorist groups because of the arms embargo, and out of its historic responsibility toward its people, calls on brotherly Arab countries… to launch airstrikes against specific targets of [ISIL] locations in Sirte in coordination with our concerned bodies,” said the Saturday statement.

The government further blasted the failure of the international community to take action against the rise of the Daesh terror network in Libya.

The current fighting reflects the persisting chaos in the North African country, where two rival governments and parliaments, along with a variety of armed militant and tribal groups, are competing in street battles to control cities and regions in Libya years after a popular revolution led to the downfall of its longtime dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

Meanwhile, in a separate incident on Sunday, unidentified gunmen targeted the airport of the major port city of Benghazi, partly destroying a passenger terminal, according to the airport’s director.

The Benghazi airport has remained closed since last year due to the continuing battles between armed militants loyal to the official government and other rival factions.

Moreover, rockets reportedly landed in a residential area of the eastern city of Derna, where Daesh militants were expelled from by rival Takfiri groups in June.

Libya’s internationally recognized government has been based in eastern Libya since losing control of Tripoli a year ago to a rival group, which established its own governing body.

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