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A Look At “Ridiculous” Efforts of Saudi for War in the Region

18 August 2015 16:47
Saudi Arabia’s Chaotic Thinking Should Change

Saudi Arabia’s Chaotic Thinking Should Change

Media reported that Adel Al-Jubier, Saudi Foreign Minister told his Russian counterpart “Our position has not changed … there is no place for Assad in the future of Syria,” Jubeir said, and stressed on what he called “post-Assad era”. The talks which revealed differences between the two sides over the fate of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, in fact, reflected Saudis’ obsession with the idea of getting rid of the man who severely insulted their manliness after 2006 war on Lebanon.
The Saudi bizarre rhetoric indicates total misperception of how boundaries of balance of power are drawn, and reveals severe lack of pragmatism when indicators confirm that the outcome of the ongoing geo-political conflicts in the region is not in its favor, Center for Global Security and Geopolitical Studies write in a report.

Contrary to what FM Al-Jubeir said, it is very crystal clear that Saudis’ ultimate goal is the division of the three large states, Syria, Iraq and Yemen. It is motivated by shattering the geo-strategic balance in its periphery, in order to create new political order contrary to the new emerging geopolitical reality. Saudis think that such new political order leads to the creation of fragile states and weak regimes, paving the way for its quest for peripheral hegemony.

The movement by Saudis to join the efforts for pooling international efforts to fight terrorism is ridiculous. The international community recognizes that Syrian forces along with Hezbollah have been engaged in a fierce war on multi-national terrorism since 2011, while accumulated solid evidence shows that Saudi Arabia has fostered and funded terrorists in Syria and Iraq, and in overt alliance with Al-Qaeda in Yemen.

The regional geo-strategic balance is going through vital changes, not in the Kingdom’s favor. If Saudi decision makers have little sense, certainly, without missing a beat, they will see that Tehran is closer than Moscow, in term of distance and security order. That, of course, requires some sense of pragmatism and change in their way of ideological thinking.

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