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Bahrain protesters demand release of activists

18 August 2015 17:31



People have poured into the streets in Bahrain, demanding reforms and the release of all political prisoners in the Persian Gulf Arab state.

According to reports on Tuesday, Bahraini security forces attacked anti-regime protesters in the village of Ma’ameer, firing tear gas to disperse them. The village is known for its Industrial Area, which houses several petroleum and refinery companies.


People also took to the streets on Sitra Island, which is located about 12 kilometers (seven miles) southeast of the capital, Manama, in solidarity with the detainees being held in Bahraini prisons and demanded the freedom of political activists.

The Bahraini regime has imposed a heavy crackdown on the island since July after a bomb blast there claimed the lives of two police officers. A third officer was seriously injured and five others sustained light to moderate injuries.

The Manama regime has imprisoned many opposition figures and human rights campaigners.


The Bahraini regime has countered peaceful demonstrations in the country over the past four years with a heavy-handed measure, which has left scores of people dead and hundreds of others injured.

The country has been witnessing anti-government demonstrations since mid-February 2011, with protesters calling for the ruling Al Khalifa family to relinquish power.

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