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Hamas calls for resistance response to Za’atara crime

18 August 2015 20:42


Spokesman for Hamas Movement Hossam Badran called for resistance response to the Israeli cold-blooded killing of a Palestinian young man at Za’atara checkpoint earlier Monday.

Badran urged the Palestinian Authority to immediately stop the persecution of resistance elements in West Bank and to put an end to security coordination with the occupation.

Halting security coordination between PA and Israeli forces, according to him, has become a national necessity more than ever before.

He pointed to the urgent need of releasing Palestinian resistance elements from PA jails especially in light of the PA inaction towards Israeli daily crimes.

West Bank resistance elements do not need a permission to defend their people or to act against Israeli crimes, Hamas’s spokesperson said.

He expressed his Movement’s deepest condolences and sympathy to the family members of the martyr Mohamed Abu Amsheh who was shot dead in cold blood by Israeli soldiers at Za’atara checkpoint, south of Nablus city.

Specialist in settlement affairs Ghassan Daghlas said the soldiers cold-bloodedly and barbarically showered the young man with a hail of bullets without knowing his identity yet.

Daghlas belied the Israeli claim that the young man tried to stab a soldier at the checkpoint, and affirmed that he was shot as he was approaching the roadblock.

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