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Hamas denies reaching ceasefire agreement with Israel

20 August 2015 8:17


Hamas official Hasan Yousef denied reaching a long-term ceasefire agreement with Israel. He confirmed that what are being spread of talks in this regard are mere thoughts of parties playing a mediation role in order to calm down the situation.

MP Hasan Yousef, deputy on the Change and Reform Bloc, said those parties are afraid of the explosion of the situation in Gaza because of the Israeli siege and the crises rocking the blockaded enclave.

He pointed out that “any agreement is an attempt to resolve the crises in Gaza Strip away from any political price”.

He underlined that Hamas acquainted all Palestinian factions with the thoughts that reached his Movement, stressing that any agreement should be reached by national consensus.

MP Yousef said, “Any agreement with Israel on anything, particularly the waterway would be an accomplishment of resistance in Gaza Strip and the steadfastness of its people”.

The Hamas leader underlined that any agreement will not mean separating the West Bank from Gaza Strip.

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