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US policies against Russia, China could trigger nuclear war: Analyst

20 August 2015 23:26



The United States is only getting closer to provoking a nuclear war by suggesting that countries like Russia and China are a security threat to Washington, says an American political analyst.

Stephen Lendman, an author and radio host in Chicago, made the comments when asked about the remarks by the former director of the US Missile Defense Agency that China has the ability to take out all US space assets.

“When America makes these accusations… where it could end could literally be a very serious conflict; it could end up in a nuclear war that America would initiate against other countries” such as Russia and China, Lendman told Press TV on Thursday.

Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Trey Obering warned Wednesday about Beijing’s growing military power. “I believe that China is challenging the United States, specifically targeting our strategic ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance), our power projection capabilities, and our technological advantages with their missile programs.”

Obering claimed that in 2007, by carrying out an anti-satellite missile test, the Chinese military showed that it could target low altitude earth-orbiting satellites, and now it has the capability to destroy American space assets.

The former Pentagon official said that China’s Wu-14 hypersonic vehicle, tested successfully earlier this year, can travel at 10 times the speed of sound.

He described Beijing and Moscow as “the increasingly sophisticated threats,” and pointed to China’s anti-ship missile programs as being “clearly and specifically targeted” at US carrier battle groups.

Lendman dismissed such rhetoric by US officials. “It is not a question of what China’s technological capability is. China doesn’t want a war with any other country; Russia doesn’t; Iran doesn’t.”

“All the countries that America bashes want peace and stability. They don’t want perpetual wars and slaughter and destruction. America wants these things going on endlessly,” he added.

“I hope we don’t come to the stage of a devastating war. We had two world wars, if we have a third one we may not survive,” Lendman concluded.

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