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European Democracy- Tories seeking to restrict striking unions

22 August 2015 11:25



Media reports say UK government is seeking to limit further striking unions across the country.

Based on a proposed Trade Union Bill, unions involved in industrial action could face restriction on their use of social media.

According to the bill, the unions should give a two-week notice if they plan to campaign via social media.

Trade Union Congress Head, Frances O’Grady says “some elements within government” are seeking to limit the striking unions.

He went on saying: “I don’t think the country is with them and I think there are growing concerns about the civil liberties implications of trying to undermine fundamental rights, human rights, like the right to strike.”

Many see the proposed restrictions as part of a larger plan to tighten the law on strikes.

According to the state-funded BBC, the outline of the bill was published last month but the details of the proposals are subject to a consultation period.

The ministers supporting the bill say the proposed restrictions will not apply to individuals’ posts. They say the restrictions will reduce “disruption for the public.”

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