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Terrorist israel’s Syria Raids Aimed at Boosting Terrorists’ Morale: Sources

22 August 2015 13:29


The latest Israeli raids on Syria are aimed at boosting the morale of the terrorist militants operating in Golan Heights, Syrian sources told al-Manar on Friday.

Israeli raid on Syria’s QuneitraThe raids are also aim to cover the attacks carried out by the Takfiri insurgents in Daraa and Quneitra, according to the sources.

Earlier on Thursday, Zionist warplanes bombed an area in Syria’s southwestern province of Quneitra after the occupation military claimed four rockets fired from the Syrian soil hit the northern occupied territories.

Official news agency in Syrian, SANA, reported that the raids targeted the Transport Directorate and the Governorate’s Building.

Following the raid, the Syrian army announced full readiness following calls by terrorist commanders to utilize form the Israeli aerial coverage and stage attacks against army checkpoints in Quneitra.

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