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Hamas: Ramallah color festival offending to Palestinians’ sacrifices

23 August 2015 12:18


Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, slammed the Palestinian Authority (PA) for allowing the color festival in Ramallah.

In a statement on Saturday, Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said “celebrating color festival in Ramallah indicates the PA’s and Fatah’s irreverence of the struggles, sufferings and sacrifices of the Palestinian people”.

He pointed out that celebrating such festivals in the West Bank is an attempt to kill the national spirit of the Palestinian youths through quelling of national demonstrations in solidarity with Occupied Jerusalem and Prisoners, while allowing such entertainment celebrations.

On Thursday, August 20, a color war festival was organized in Ramallah amid great criticism and debate among Palestinians.

Activists on social networks slammed the festival and shared photos of Palestinian girls with their faces colored in comparison with other photos for girls from Gaza with their faces covered with blood during last summer’s Israeli aggression on the Strip.

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