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Zahhar: Hamas refused Blair’s invitation to visit London

25 August 2015 12:08


Senior Hamas official Mahmoud al-Zahhar has revealed that his Movement turned down an invitation from Tony Blair, the former envoy of the international Quartet on the Middle East, to visit London.

In remarks televised by al-Aqsa satellite channel on Monday, Zahhar stated that the steadfastness and strength which the Palestinian resistance had showed during its wars with the Israeli occupation army in Gaza compelled international parties to seek to meet with it.

The Hamas official highlighted the issue of the blockade on Gaza and accused the Palestinian Authority and Fatah faction of being involved in the siege on the Strip and obstructing international efforts to reconstruct it.

He noted that the PA leadership does not want the establishment of a seaport in Gaza for personal and financial reasons.

Zahhar also reiterated his Movement’s position on the truce with the Israeli occupation and stressed the need for ending the blockade before talking about solidifying the ceasefire agreement in Gaza.

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