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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO- Alleged recording shows Turkey’s illegal sending weapons to Nigeria via THY planes


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The alleged recording leaked on Youtube of a
conversation between Mustafa Varank, the chief
advisor to Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan,
and Turkish Airlines (THY) Executive Assistant
Mehmet Karakaş on the issue of weapons deliveries
to Nigeria using THY planes to transport the weapons
to Nigeria, the west African nation.
Mehmet Karakaş, executive assistant of
Turkish Airlines CEO Hamdi Topçu, is heard
talking with Mustafa Varank — an advisor to
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan — about a cargo of
deadly materials carried by THY planes to Nigeria.
Karakaş is heard asking Varank to seek the
opinion of National Intelligence Organization (MİT)
Undersecretary Hakan Fidan over the nature of the
cargo, because he had questions about the delivery address.
MK: Mustafa, salamu alaykum.
MV: Alaykum salam, brother.
MK: Mustafa, I brought up an issue with you, if you remember? About the question of transport…
MV: About that, we couldn’t meet with Mr Hakan, that’s why I didn’t get back to you.
MK: Come on, Mustafa.
MV: This is very urgent.
MK: We are transporting a lot of equipment, its going to Nigeria right now, OK? Is this going to kill Muslims or Christians…
MV: I’ve got it, brother.
MK: We are committing a sin, so you know.
MV: Alright. I will let you know in one or two days.
MK: God bless. And give them the contact number, too. Let them talk to him. OK?
MV: Alright. See you.
Boko Haram

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