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Only nations can solve Syria, Yemen crises

29 August 2015 12:04


Iran’s parliament speaker says the crises in Syria and Yemen can be resolved only if the wills of the two nations are taken into regard.

“Some powerful countries proposed plans to resolve the crises in Yemen and Syria. We believe that such proposals would not work, since they do not address the wills of the nations,” Ali Larijani told reporters early on Saturday before leaving Tehran to attend the fourth world conference of the Speakers of Parliaments in New York.

He stated that Tehran is going to offer new plans for fighting terrorism and promoting peace at the upcoming conference.

“There is a great gap between words and deeds. We see wars in the battlefields and in conferences, everyone talks about democracy,” Larijani noted, adding that during his speech at the conference he will try to define how democracy can realistically and practically promote peace in the region and the world.

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