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Syrian Army Repels Terrorists’ Attack on Strategic Route near Damascus

29 August 2015 23:49



The Syrian army thwarted the Takfiri terrorists’ attempt to take control of the Damascus-Sweida main route by attacking the army’s positions.

The terrorists were pushed back from their positions in the surrounding areas of the Damascus-Sweida road.

The Takfiri terrorists tried to penetrate into Kou Hadr region near Damascus-Sweida road, but to no avail.

Earlier today, informed sources said that the Syrian ground and air forces, in a joint counter-assault operation, pushed back the terrorists of al-Nusra Front from Abu al-Dhuhour airbase’s nearby areas.

The sources said that the Syrian ground forces and defenders of Abu al-Dhuhour airbase confronted massive offensive of the Nusra Front militants to capture the airbase, and then in a counter-attack pushed them back and killed dozens of them.

The sources said the Syrian air force’s airstrike on terrorists’ concentrations and vehicles in the surroundings of the airport of Abu al-Dhuhour airbase resulted in the killing or wounding tens of the militants.

The Syrian warplanes also destroyed hideouts of terrorists from “Al-Fateh Army” terrorist in the surrounding areas of Kheshir, al-Majas, and al-Bwayder in Abu al-Dhuhour Area.

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