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Syrian baby girl killed in terrorist attack on Damascus

30 August 2015 21:22


A baby girl has been killed in a mortar attack carried out by foreign-sponsored Takfiri terrorists against residential areas in Syria’s capital city of Damascus.

According to a source at Damascus Police Command, the baby was killed and at least four other Syrian people sustained injuries in the mortar attack on Abu Rummaneh neighborhood on Sunday, the official news agency SANA reported.

The mortar shells were reportedly fired on the residential area by Takfiri militants positioned in Eastern Ghouta.

A number of vehicles in the neighborhood, which houses hotels and several embassies, were also damaged in the militant attack.

Bomb attack kills seven

Separately, at least seven people were killed and more than ten others injured in a car bomb attack in the city of Silqin on the outskirts of the Syrian city of Idlib.

On Saturday, two civilians were killed and five others were injured in terrorist mortar attacks that targeted residential neighborhoods in Damascus. A day earlier, another two civilians were killed and three others sustained injuries when a barrage of mortar shells fired by the militants struck neighborhoods across the city.

Cities and towns across Syria have been witnessing bomb attacks as well as mortar and rocket fire by Takfiri terrorists since a deadly conflict broke out in the Middle Eastern country more than four years ago.

Syria has been plagued by a foreign-backed crisis since March 2011. The conflict has claimed more than 240,000 lives up until now, according to estimates.

The Syrian army has been carrying out military operations against the militants holed up in the suburbs of the capital in the past months, killing a huge number of foreign and foreign-backed militants.

More than 7.2 million Syrians have been internally displaced and more than four million others have been forced to flee to neighboring countries, including Jordan and Lebanon.

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