Islamic Invitation Turkey
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VIDEO- The moment when people of Turkey booing, attacking Turkish Health Minister

30 August 2015 22:53

The Deep State in Turkey aim to speed up chaos and an internal war inside Turkey by their ISIL and PKK cards.The dark powers who feel raw about the peace in Turkey have implemented the chaos and war of Syria, Iraq inside Turkey.Terror groups declared that the truce is over following a so-called blitz against ISIL and PKK. Thousands of foreign agents who are Kurdish looking attacked soldiers and policemen brutally following an air attack, which has never happened in reality but on papers and media, towards PKK and ISIL. There is a vicious common plan to massacre our People, soldiers and police in southeast of Turkey under cover of PKK and ISIL.powers in Turkey are very busy with preparing a vicious plan to massacre people, this filthy common plot, sham fight, will come to nothing with the help of Almight Allah and the experienced people of Turkey. Furthermore, the wish, word of Allah is very close. Turkish people have never been on the side of war on Syria. Turkish, Kurdish, Sunni, Shia and all people of other sects and ethnic entities in Turkey know that the latest chaos being created in Turkey is coordinated to massacre people of the region under different games. Turkish people put the blame on Turkish authorities when they face any problems or any cases. Mothers of the martyrs say that the Turkish officals are the reason of the killings of their sons. For example, one of the mothers cried fearlessly to the face of authorities, “Killer Government! Why does not Erdogan send his son to military service? Let him send his son,” This awareness of the people of Turkey make the savage performers brood over massacre of Turkish people because the people of Turkey will certainly declare the authorities as the killers in case any massacres in anywhere of the Turkish soil.

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