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Egyptians slam coup, vow more rallies

31 August 2015 13:51


Anti-government activists have waged rallies across Egypt to protest the continuing state crackdown on the opponents of the military coup against former President Mohamed Morsi.

Protest rallies, organized by Egypt’s Revolutionary Youth movement, took place in a number of provinces throughout the country on Sunday.

Police clashed with the protesters after the latter used fireworks and shouted slogans against what they referred to as the martial law and oppressive measures imposed by Egypt’s Interior Ministry, opposition news website Rassad reported.

In al-Sharqiya Province, meanwhile, protesters also demanded the prosecution of those who led the military coup against Morsi in July 2013, and clashed with police officers.

Major rallies were also held in other Egyptian cities, with demonstrators condemning the use of torture in the country’s prison facilities as well as what they described as pre-arranged killings of imprisoned opposition activists. The protesters also demanded the release of all female inmates in military prisons.

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