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‘Fight between Muslims to lead to corruption’

31 August 2015 14:18


In a meeting with a group of Sunni scholars from Pakistan, a member of the assembly of experts Ayatollah Abbas Ka’abi stated that “one of the important messages of Islam is the realisation of humanity’s material and spiritual progress in the world, and felicity and prosperity in the afterlife.”

“In the early years of Islam, the Holy Prophet was able to provide the ideal example of an Islamic society and under the banner of the declaration of faith he was able to triumph,” he added.

According to Rasa, by gesturing towards the unfortunate states of some Islamic countries under dictatorial control, he stressed that Islam has come to guide humanity towards science and progress and to build an exemplar society, which in his view has been ignored.

He also mentioned the importance of Muslims fulfilling both their individual and societal obligations, and that one without the other has little value.

He continued to state that if Muslims do not have a feeling of brotherhood with one another they will not find salvation, even if they perform their individual religious obligations.

He added: “Islamic brotherhood doesn’t mean sharing the same views on issues, rather that like the members of a family we can have different opinions.”

By alluding to the founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah, he said that Jinnah was able to create the nation of Pakistan through the notion of Islamic brotherhood, and that it is the foundation of the identity of the Islamic ummah.

Ayatollah Ka’abi further mentioned that the Holy Prophet Muhammad strongly condemned fighting between Muslim brothers, and that it will inevitably lead to corruption and ultimately the destruction of humanity.

He elaborated that the actions of takfiris such as ISIS in killing Muslims shows a deep ignorance of true Islam as well as jealousy and hatred towards Shia Muslims in Iran and throughout the world.

Alluding to the role of the Holy Prophet Muhammad in stressing the important of avoiding internal conflict, Ayatollah Ka’abi called upon all Muslims to stand firmly against the crimes of takfiris and to proclaim Islamic brotherhood across the world, emphasising that Shias and Sunnis are brothers.

By mentioning the role of the great Islamic scholars in calling for unity, he reminded Muslims that their duty is to resist and stand against the arrogant powers which are the real enemies of the Muslims, namely the United States of America and the criminal Israeli regime.

Highlighting the role of the enemies of Islam in attempting to misguide the Muslims by creating puppet leaders, Ayatollah Ka’abi said that the Muslims need to gather under a strong and capable leader who can rebuild the nation and continue on the path that the Holy Prophet established.

“Imam Khomeini sought to build an Islamic nation and the path of the Imam was the path of the Holy Prophet.” he said.

According to Ayatollah Ka’abi, after the late Imam Khomeini, Ayatollah Khamenei the current leader of the Islamic Revolution has raised the glorious flag of Islam and has sought to strengthen the Islamic nation, and that all of the enemies of Islam now seek to undermine the Islamic Revolution.

He further stated that the aim of the United States was to destroy the axis of resistance, provide a safe environment for Israel, and eventually destabilise and divide countries in the region, such as Syria, Iraq and even Saudi Arabia.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran wants independence, freedom, justice and progress for all other nations and Islamic scholars must awaken the Muslims to the crimes of the Al-Saud family,” he added.
He concluded by saying that the United States and its allies seek to prevent people from hearing the messages of the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, and added that extremism whether it be from Sunni or Shia is only to the detriment of Islam.

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