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Iraqi Commander: US Operating Military Bases in Iraqi Kurdistan Region, Mosul

2 September 2015 14:57



A senior Iraqi popular forces commander disclosed that the US has two military bases near Mosul and also in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

“There are presently two US military bases in Iraq; one is near Mosul and another one in the territories of the Kurdistan region while no one knows the real purpose for which the two bases have been set up,” Kurd Press news website quoted Iraqi Badr Force Commander Moin al-Kazzemi as saying Wednesday.

Al-Kazzemi said that the US forces stationed in these two bases frequently contact the Kurdish officials and some military commanders of the Kurdistan region.

He, meantime, reiterated that Iraq’s popular, tribal and forces can win back their country and drive out the ISIL forces out of their country without a need to foreign, specially US, troops.

On Tuesday, an Iraqi official disclosed that the US military advisors failed to change the mind of the Iraqi forces not to capture Anbar University.

“The US army advisors providing counseling services to the Iraqi troops tried to prevent the Iraqi Counter-Terrorism forces from capturing Anbar University in the Western parts of Ramadi, but they failed to do so,” Samir al-Shavili, a media advisor of Iraq’s Counter-Terrorism, told FNA.

He noted that the Americans described Anbar University a dark tunnel and also a dangerous place packed with ISIL terrorists in a bid to dissuade the Iraqi forces from seizing the university.

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