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Abu Marzouk pushes Muslims to remain on guard to Judaization schemes at al-Aqsa

3 September 2015 8:08


Senior Hamas leader Mousa Abu Marzouk called on Arabs and Muslims to rally round al-Aqsa Mosque and seriously work on thwarting all Israeli schemes to divide the site between Muslims and Israelis.

Abu Marzouk warned of ongoing Israeli attempts to spatio-temporally divide the al-Aqsa Mosque, a step carried out in light of the apathy maintained by the international community as regards increasing violations of Muslims’ freedom of worship at al-Aqsa.

He urged Mahmoud Abbas and the Fatah Central Committee to seriously work on protecting al-Aqsa, saying their current preoccupations rather divide Palestinians instead of bringing them together.

“How on earth could we remain silent while our holy Jerusalem—our nation’s destination and pride—is coming under attack?” he said.

The Hamas official pushed for more media and socio-political campaigns so as to thwart Israeli Judaization schemes.

“Al-Aqsa is Muslims’ first destination and third holiest site,” he said. “It is high time Arab rulers woke up and prevented the occupation from dividing the Mosque.”

He warned that in case the temporal division of the Mosque works out the Israeli occupation will not only carry out a spatial division at the site but also initiate work on establishing a Jewish synagogue somewhere at al-Aqsa plaza.

Abu Marzouk hailed the peaceful Muslim sit-inners who have been maintaining vigil at the Mosque, saying, “These people are the real bulletproof vest of al-Aqsa and the nation’s source of honor.”

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