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China to downsize army by 300, 000 soldiers

3 September 2015 9:50


Chinese President Xi Jinping says his country plans to reduce the size of the army by 300,000 troops as Beijing showcased its military might on an unprecedented scale during a grand ceremony marking the 70th anniversary of China’s victory in the World War II.

China’s “total victory” over Japanese invasion “restored China’s status as a major country in the world”, Xi said while addressing the major military parade through Tiananmen Square in Beijing on Thursday.

“The unyielding Chinese people fought gallantly and finally won total victory against the Japanese militarist aggressors, thus preserving China’s 5,000-year-old civilization and upholding the cause of peace,” he noted.

Xi further noted that China’s military would be reduced by 300,000 troops, and that Beijing will “not seek hegemony” in the world.

The remarks come as Chinese authorities have been trimming the size of armed forces – currently the largest in the world – over the past decades as part of attempts to make it more efficient.

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