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Quran Translation in Kurmanji Unveiled in Mashhad

3 September 2015 8:10


The first translation of the Holy Quran in Kurmanji Kurdish was unveiled in a ceremony in the northeastern Iranian city of Mashhad.

According to Iqna, a number of the city’s religious and cultural officials were present at the ceremony on Tuesday.

Addressing the event, Musa Rezayi Golyani, the translator, thanked everyone who encouraged and helped him in completing the job.

He said it took him 5 years to complete the rendering.

Golyani also noted that he started translating the Quran into Kurmanji Kurdish to make it easier for the speakers of the language to understand and benefit from the Holy Book.

“I will be happy if this translation helps even one person better understand a verse of the Quran and act upon it,” he went on to say.

Kurmanji is a Kurdish dialect spoken mostly in northeast Iran.

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