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300 refugees flee Hungary camp

4 September 2015 18:17


About 300 refugees have broken out of confinement in a refugee camp near the Hungarian town of Roszke on the border with Serbia.

“According to police estimates, 300 illegal migrants at 11:30 (0930 GMT) broke through the fence of the Roszke migrant collection point in two groups and ran toward the M5 motorway,” Hungary police said on Friday.

Necessary measures have been taken to arrest the runaway refugees.

Almost all the refugee arrivals into the European Union are through eastern European countries like Hungary and Serbia or southern countries like Greece and Italy, where asylum-seekers land in the passport-free Schengen area and then head for northern European countries like the UK, Germany and Sweden.

Northern countries say the EU rules require that asylum claims be dealt with in the country they first arrive. However, frontline countries complain they lack the resources to take care of all the refugees.

This large discrepancy between the EU rules and how the refugees are treated on the ground has aggravated their already miserable situation.

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