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VIDEO- Terrorists’ Dog Infighting Leaves 47 Dead in Syria’s Aleppo

5 September 2015 19:12

Infighting among anti-government extremist groups in Syria has left 47 militants dead in the city of Marea in the country’s Aleppo Province.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that 27 militants from the Takfiri Daesh group and 20 militants from other groups had been killed in the clashes.

The observatory said two Daesh militants were also captured by other militant groups, which also occupied the farms around the village of al-Kafra in the northern countryside of Aleppo.

Over the past few months, al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front militants have been engaged in infighting with other terrorists from the so-called Free Syrian Army as well as the Daesh extremists in villages and towns across Syria.

The London-based group added that further clashes took place after midnight around the village Bashkoy between the militants belonging to al-Nusra, joined by militants from other anti-Damascus Takfiri groups, and Syrian government forces supported by volunteer forces and fighters from the Lebanese resistance movement of Hezbollah.

The foreign-sponsored conflict in Syria, which started in March 2011, has reportedly claimed more than 240,000 lives up until now.

According to the United Nations, the militant groups in Syria have forcefully displaced 7.6 million Syrians internally, and compelled some 4.6 million others to take refuge mostly in neighboring countries; Press TV reported.

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