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Iraqi Forces Cut ISIL’s Supply Routes in Al-Havijeh

7 September 2015 17:41



The Iraqi forces announced that they have cut ISIL’s strategic supply routes in the province of Kirkuk.

The Iraqi army and popular forces, backed by air force, managed to cut ISIL’s supply route in Al-Havijeh in Kirkuk province.

The ISIL terrorists have increased their attacks on the Iraqi forces in recent days to supply their comrades in Al-Havijeh, but to no avail.

Al-Havijeh city and the village of Al-Bashir in Southwestern Kirkuk province are the only areas that are under ISIL’s control.

In a relevant development in July, Spokesman of Iraq’s Volunteer Forces Karim al-Nouri announced that ISIL’s strategic supply routes to Al-Anbar province had been cut.

“The initial stage of operations for winning back the city of Fallujah (in al-Anbar province) has resulted in cutting off the most important supply routes to the ISIL Takfiri terrorist group in the city,” al-Nouri told FNA.

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