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Lebanese Analyst: Human Traffickers Supported by Turkey’s Ruling Party

8 September 2015 16:06



A prominent Lebanese analyst revealed that human traffickers in Turkey are directly supported by the ruling Justice and Development party of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

“Millions of the Syrian refugees are living in the neighboring states, specially Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey, and many of them welcome immigration to Europe,” Nazal Hamadah told FNA on Tuesday.

“Despite all warnings, illegal immigration to Europe through land and sea borders still continues and human trafficking gangs in Turkey continue their crimes supported by the Justice and Development party and before the eyes of the Turkish police,” he added.

Hamadah, meantime, said that many of the Syrians who seek refuge in Europe are militants and their ringleaders who are attempting to take political asylum in the European countries.

The United States and its regional allies are driving the war and conflict behind the ongoing displacement in the Middle East and North Africa. The despicable part is that they are not being held to account.

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