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Iraq condemns Turkey ground incursion as ‘clear violation’

11 September 2015 8:19

The territory in Northern Iraq where Operation Provide Comfort is taking place is hilly with poor road infrastructure.  Operation Provide Comfort is a security mission to enforce the United Nations no-fly zone north of the 36 degree parallel from Iraqi air and ground incursion.  A four nation coalition of U.S., Turkey, Great Britain and France has been actively protecting and supplying Kurdish refugees since Desert Storm in 1991. (Exact date unknown)

Iraq has condemned Turkey for dispatching special forces into its soil in reported pursuit of Kurdish militants, calling it a “clear violation” of its territory.

The Iraqi “foreign ministry expresses its condemnation of the incursion of a number of Turkish military units inside Iraqi territory,” spokesman Ahmed Jamal said in a statement on Thursday, Press TV reported.
“It represents a clear violation of Iraqi sovereignty and a clear offense to bilateral relations between the two countries,” he said.

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