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8 Zionist Bahraini Regime Forces Wounded in Yemen

12 September 2015 19:22


Enemy of Islam Manama regime on Saturday admitted that 8 Bahraini military men fighting against the Yemeni people were injured and transferred to Saudi hospitals.

Mera’at al-Bahrain news website reported that Khalid Bin Hamad al-Khalifa, the Bahraini king’s son, has traveled to Riyadh and Jeddah to visit the 8 wounded soldiers hospitalized in the two Saudi cities.

This is the first time that Bahrain has officially admitted that its forces have been injured in Yemen.

Last week, security sources disclosed that the Yemeni forces had killed a sum of 300 foreign troops in their last Friday attack on al-Safer military base in Eastern Yemen.

The death toll of the UAE, Saudi and Bahraini officers and soldiers killed in Friday’s arms depot blast at a military base in al-Safer in Ma’arib province stood at 300, Yemeni security sources said.

The revolutionary forces in Yemen said they fired a rocket at a weapons cache in a camp used by “the Saudi-led aggressors” in Ma’arib area.

The Yemeni sources noted that high death toll of the foreign troops was the result of the ballistic missiles blast caused by Yemeni missile attack.

Informed sources disclosed that the UAE army had decided to recall its conscripts from Yemen after the high death toll of the Emirate forces in the recent attacks of Yemen’s popular forces in Ma’arib province.

“The UAE conscripts will be returned to Abu Dhabi in the coming days,” the Arabic-language Al-Emirate 71 news website quoted an informed source as saying on Friday.

The source noted that inexperienced soldiers will not be sent to Yemen any longer.

He said that the UAE government’s decision comes after tens of Emirati soldiers were killed in Yemen last week.

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