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‘Corbyn becomes UK Labour Party leader’

12 September 2015 13:49



British politician Jeremy Corbyn has become Britain’s opposition Labour chief after a surge in support for his anti-austerity and anti-war platform.

Corbyn became Britain’s opposition party leader with over 50 percent of party votes.

Four candidates have been contesting the vote inside the party, but Corbyn has been leading the opinion polls.

The ultimate winner is expected to be announced in a few hours.

The new leader is to replace Ed Miliband who resigned a day after his party suffered defeat in general elections some three months ago.

The 66-year-old parliamentary veteran’s political beliefs are close to those of European anti-austerity movements. Corbyn insists that there has to be public investment in order to boost economic growth in Britain.

Now Rodney Shakespeare, professor of economics, says the British public expect Corbyn to come up with different politics.


Corbyn’s policies include spending more on public services like schools and hospitals, scrapping nuclear weapons, renationalizing industries like the railways, according to reports.

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