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Iran-Made Night Goggles Attract Customers from Asia to Africa

12 September 2015 15:21



Several countries and companies from Asian and African nations partaking in MAKS-2015 Aerospace Exhibition in Russia late August have ordered the night vision goggles manufactured in Iran.

“The private sector of Iran’s Aerospace Industries Union which had participated in the MAKS exhibition has found good customers for their products,” Head of the Union Amin Salari told FNA on Saturday.

“Some customers from Africa, Asia and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) have ordered the products of one of our night-vision-goggle manufacturing companies,” he added.

Iranian products went on display in two MAKS-2015 Exhibition halls; a 105 square meter pavilion at Hall D3 Hall and a booth in an area of 24 square meters in Hall F3 where the country’s knowledge-based companies were showing their products and services along with the Europeans and the Chinese.

Visiting the exhibition, the Russians asked for Tehran’s technical help in the drone sector, the head of an Iranian private sector company participating in the MAKS-2015 Air Show in Moscow said late August, adding that Iran had been invited to take part in the upcoming France Air Show.

“One of the noteworthy points of MAKS-2015 Air Show was Russia’s request for purchase of engines of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) from Iran,” Farhad Khalouzadeh said.

He noted that the manager of the Paris Air Show also invited the Iranian aviation firms to take part in the upcoming air show in the French capital.

Khalouzadeh underlined that despite the US efforts to isolate Iran, the world countries were seeking Iran’s cooperation, and said, “In the same exhibition, the Russians showed their interest in Iran’s presence and they even helped Iran to set up its pavilion MAKS because we insisted to be in the same exhibition hall that major foreign companies such as Boeing and Airbus are present.”

Also on the sidelines of the exhibition, Iranian Vice President for Science and Technology Sourena Sattari and Head of the Russian Space Agency Igor Kamarov in a meeting in Moscow discussed ways for broadening of mutual cooperation in the aerospace field.

During the meeting in the Russian capital, the two officials underlined the need for the further expansion of cooperation between Tehran and Moscow in aerospace.

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