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Moroccan committee urges Arabs, Muslims to stand up for al-Aqsa

14 September 2015 20:23


The Moroccan Committee to Support the Nation’s Causes called on Arabs and Muslims to immediately opt for serious measures to defend holy al-Aqsa Mosque against Israeli assaults.

In a statement entitled “Our al-Aqsa is in danger! What are we waiting for?” the Moroccan Committee denounced the violations and crimes committed by the Israeli occupation government and settlers against the al-Aqsa Mosque.

The committee further voiced its solidarity with the members of the al-Aqsa supervision staff who were aggressively attacked by Israeli fanatics.

The statement urged the Palestinian Authority to cease all forms of security coordination with the Israeli occupation and to boost pro-al-Aqsa activism.

The committee called on Jordan and the Arab governments to mobilize mass-support for al-Aqsa and thwart Israeli schemes to divide the Mosque.

It further hailed the female and male Muslim sit-inners and learners, along with al-Aqsa’s supervision personnel, for standing on guard to Israeli break-ins and sacrilegious plots.

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