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Sunni Lebanese cleric demands unified action to liberate Al Quds

14 September 2015 20:19


Prominent Lebanese cleric vowed the approach of liberation of Al Quds Mosque demanding Shia Sunni communities to make a unified move for the end.

Ahmad Qattan, head of Lebanese Words and Actions movement, referred to the recent remarks by the Supreme Leader regarding the topple of the Zionist regime in near future demanding Shia Sunni Muslims to unite and make a move for liberation of the Al Quds Mosque from Zionist regime, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

Referring to the recent remarks by grand Ayatollah Khamanei, Lebanese cleric said,” These remarks regarding topple of the Zionist regime in the next 25 years have horrified the Zionist regime from within stirring that with terror.”

Head of Words and Actions Movement praised the efforts of the Islamic Republic of Iran in line with achieving nuclear energy technology in a bid to helping all Muslims and the oppressed people of Palestine highlighting the struggles of the Islamic Republic for liberation of the occupied lands of Palestine.

He noted that if the Resistance and other Islamic movements including Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Palestine as well as the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon are present in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, they are in pursuit of toppling the Zionist regime of Israel and helping with liberation of the occupied lands of Palestine.

Ahmad Qattan referred to the ties between some Islamic states with the Zionist regime and said,” Reopening of the Israeli embassy in some Muslim countries is a mistake because this regime is the enemy of all Shia and Sunni Muslims.” adding,” Arab states, instead of extending their massages of friendship with the Zionist regime should help the resistance front to topple the illegal regime.”

He criticized the Zionist regime for violating human rights saying,” Zionist regime is a violator of all human rights and has desecrated the Al Quds Mosque with massacre, bloodshed and burning of the holy site.”
Lebanese scholar highlighted unity and struggle with the Zionist regime of Israel as the mandates for Muslim clerics and demanded Islamic scholars to confront with the Zionist regime in a unified body.

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