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Syrian Army Launches Fresh Offensive to Lift ISIL Siege on Kuweires Airbase

15 September 2015 22:38



Military sources said that the Syrian Army troops started joint massive operations to push back the ISIL Takfiri terrorists from the nearby areas of Kuweires airbase in the Southern territories of the Northern Aleppo province.

The sources said that the Syrian army, in cooperation with the National Defense Forces (NDF) and the Al-Ba’ath Battalion, launched a fresh offensive inside the Aleppo Governorate in order to lift the ISIL two-year-long siege on the Kuweires airbase.

The Syrian Armed Forces have started their operation from the Southeast of Aleppo from two different directions.

The army targeted the terrorist group at the Jabboul Lake front and the town of ‘Ayn Sabil to spread out the ISIL fighters in the Deir Hafer Plateau.

It did not take the Syrian Armed Forces very long to get their offensive in Southeastern Aleppo going; in fact, within two hours of launching their assault, the Syrian Arab Army and National Defense Forces took control of the two hilltops at Tal Na’am and Tal Sab’in, which are located just North of Jabboul Lake.

While the Syrian forces would prefer to reach the Kuweires airbases from the Deir Hafer Highway, their current advance leaves them only two villages away from the Southwestern corridor of the airport.

The main objective of this offensive is to lift the siege on the Kuweries Military Airport, but this assault also has a positive effect for the Syrian Armed Forces due to the Deir Hafer Plateau’s proximity from the Syrian Government’s main supply route to the Aleppo Governorate.

According to a military source in the Aleppo Governorate, the Syrian Armed Forces killed the following identified ISIL fighters on Monday: Mahmoud Abu ‘Aamer Dandashi, Hajj Ibrahim Al-Turki, ‘Abdullah Al-Ahmad Al-‘Akrabousi, Ghazi Al-Nawaf, Jamaal Al-Jada’an, Abu Fahd Al-Iraqi, Saleh Al-Salmawi, Abu Al-Farouq Al-Iraqi, Mahmoud Abu Hassan Al-Muradi, and Abu As’ad Al-Sudani.

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