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Official: Iran Developed to Regional Energy Hub

16 September 2015 8:27


Iran is a pioneering country in electricity generation industry and has developed to the energy hub of the region, Managing Director of Tavanir electricity generation, transmission, and distribution company said.
“We proudly announce than Iran is ahead of the Development Vision 2025 forecasts in terms of electricity output,” Arash Kordi told Shana.

Referring to the country’s achievements in production of turbines, blades, and other power station equipment despite of Western sanctions, he said Iran’s national dispatching is monitoring and planning the power grid instantly.

Kordi suggested an increase in power production focusing on renewable energy sources and said, while Iran’s electricity output has increased to 73 KMW for a population which has tripled in the last decades, consumption has rocketed 10 times.

He put country’s fuel consumption by power stations at 68 billion liters annually, of which 95 percent is provided by fossil fuels and called for economizing and drastic reduction of electricity consumption.

To control on-peak consumption, the Tavanir managing director added, farmers have been offered 20 hours of free electricity for switching to off-peak time, although in other countries on-peak consumers are charged higher.

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